Best Mattress for Back Pain- Buying Guide

Sleep disorder, awaking in the night, complication to return in fast asleep, neck, back and shoulder aches are general problems associated with human sleep. Today, there are very effective and beneficial sleeping positions which you should adopt and gain the best rest and fresh mood after leaving the bed. 

However, if you are planning for fast asleep, then first thing you have to do is the right selection of superior quality, extremely comfortable and softer mattresses that would deliver what you are seeking for. In today's post we are going to show you how to find a best mattress for your back pain. Let's get started

​Side and back sleeping are generally medically approved sleeping positions which you should follow to spare your body from pain and stretchiness.

Back pain is a physical disorder that occurs by many reasons in which sleeping on spring mattress, physical collision and other similar causes are famous. When you are experiencing back pain, then you should use some softer and best quality mattresses without springs that may relieve you from back pain completely over time or reduce it.

If you have knowledge about mattress for back pain, no need to read the brief reviews​

Check out 3 best mattresses for back pain we recommended​

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress

​Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh Super Pillow Top Mattress Hyrbid Gel Innerspring

​Brentwood Home Bamboo Mattress, Gel Memory Foam, 10-Inch, King

Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh Super Pillow Top Mattress Hyrbid Gel Innerspring

​Choosing the best mattress for back pain and back sleepers

​Things you need to know if you are a Back Sleepers?

Best Mattress for Back Pain

​Best sleeping position ever is the back sleep in which the face is upward and backside is with the upper surface of a mattress. Actually, this position suits everyone and medical sciences has approved this the best and most essential for a good sleep, fresh mood and health friendly. Back sleepers stay fit and health throughout their life and if they do not have any physical accident, then they will never experience back pain by sleeping positions.

Most doctors and health professionals also suggest pregnant women to sleep in both sides; left and right as well as back sleeping state. It means you have to sleep straight or on your back that will play a key role to overcome back aches, strain and other types of physical issues. Back sleep position is a natural physical alignment that would keep the heart pumping blood to all parts of the body and then there will be no disturbance in heart beats, blood arrival and distribution to all channels.

For the back sleep comforts you need the utmost thing is right mattress made of natural wool, multiple layers of cotton or other stuff that can bear body pressure and give relief to pressure points. Customers should avoid buying spring mattresses that may increase back pain persistently. Firs they must take some suggestions from the best health professionals who always advise people to use only softer memory foam mattress with suitable thickness and high quality material to get relieved of back pain.​

Should you use standard mattresses for back pain?

Serta Perfect Sleeper Harcourt Full Super Pillow Top Mattress

​All of standard mattresses are mostly made of little harder stuff and springs that support human body at various points. So, these types of mattresses are not perfectly reliable, suitable and useful for back and side sleepers. If you have back pain and it is severe, then definitely spring mattress may make it chronic.

Most physicians and doctors mostly suggest the spring free mattress for those who have some trouble with their backbone, muscles, back below the shoulder and neck spiral with the up of backbone.

​If you are trying to get rid of back pain or reducing it by using some standard mattress, then you can never gain your goal, because spring mattresses are harder, firm and less compressible. As a result of it these mattresses do not move down due to very powerful and stable springs.

So, you will feel ache and strain little after lying down on spring mattress. However, if you use various sheets and softer stuff like natural wool to cover the spring mattress surface, then you may get some relief and reduction in pain. But this is not a permanent solution.

​Specific Mattresses for Back Sleepers and back pain

Specific Mattresses for Back Sleepers and back pain

Specific mattress for back sleeper does not mean a special brand that is perfectly manufactured for those who experience aches and strain in their backside of body. Actually, this mattress means a perfect brand that is useful for everyone and it suits to those who have pain in their body parts not specified to back tenderness.

​Manufacturing of such mattresses is the same as spring and other foams, but loosen springs and thicker layers are used to make these products comfortable and softer.

Back sleeping position always needs low or medium mattress firmness and if the sleeping mattress is harder, then you may experience strain and severe pain in body. The following are very special and extremely well known best mattress topper reviews for the back sleepers.​

Recommended mattresses, mattress toppers for back pain and back sleepers

Air beds

Air beds that are extremely useful and popular for being the best pain reliever for back sleepers and these mattresses are available in various firmness, but the comforts of each brand are outstanding

Durable Memory Foam

Durable memory foam that suits almost every bed frame with best comforts and softness. These foams are also lightweight, but have excellent compression and pain relieving capability for back sleepers.

Latex mattresses-Best mattress for lower back pain

Latex mattresses are highly recommended by medical experts, because these brands are more effective, useful and helpful for back sleepers to get rid of the back aches. It supports every sleeping position, but for side sleeping and back sleeping points, this will be more beneficial.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam is the one that is softer and thicker up to 12 inches. These mattresses also have uniform density springs that do not make mattresses excessively hard. For pregnant women this mattress will be more useful and health friendly.

Futon mattresses

Futon mattresses are rare in most of the countries, but these are matchless in comforts, softness and performance. You can reduce the back pain by sleeping on this mattress at your back.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattress is another excellent innovation that plays a key role to overcome back injuries, aches and body strain. However, you have to use only side or back sleeping positions when you buy innerspring mattresses

Water beds (Waterbed Mattress)

Water beds are filled with water and the entire cover is made of softer plastic. You can use these beds as your mattresses everywhere in homes or offices. These are suitable thick, but are amazing in comforts. However, when you have serious back injuries, then these beds can never be perfectly useful.

Waterbed Mattress, best mattress for lower back and neck pain

​Importance of choosing a right mattress for back pain and back sleepers

​People of old thinking consider it’s a funny story that some special types of mattresses may help them to get relieved the back and neck pain. Actually, this is absolutely right and 100% precise consideration, as many mattresses have extreme softness, comforts and weight distribution features. So, you can use such mattresses or foams for relieving body from back pain. Comfortable mattress will be a right brand for you in normal as well as in case of some back injuries.

​When you have serious situations and aches in the back, then you should sleep straight or at your back along with softer cushions or particular pillows. People will never experience neck, shoulder, back pain and strain in rest of body if they use average firm mattresses with sufficient quantity of comforts and softness. However, if you once get suffered from this pain, then you should change your sleeping styles and use helpful mattress to relieve the strain.

​How to choose a best mattress for back pain?

How to Buy Mattresses for pain

​When you are already using the high quality and less firm mattresses, then you will never experience with any back or other body part pain due to firmness of the springs. But, if you get caught in such pain, then you should never wait for seriousness and move to some reliable market for shopping the best mattress for your back pain. There are many primary and specific directions for customers regarding how and where to buy the pain relieving mattresses with less firmness and maximum comforts.

​You have to go through following instructions associated with how to purchase the topnotch quality mattress for back sleepers to reduce the pain

1. Decide a right market

​2. Estimate your needs and track the vast collection

​3. Don’t rely on leading or most famous manufacturer

​4. Choose few companies that make mattress for back pain relief

5.Compare the qualities and specs of these best mattresses mutually​

​6. Pick the best one and go through deeply in qualities and benefits

7. Check the cost

8. Try it for a while and give your remarks​

9. Look at firmness of selected mattress

11. View warranty period

12. Focus on thickness, softness and comforts which you consider your main goals

13. Place your order and get it at your home etc


​Finally, conclusion of entire discussion brings everyone to a point that soft, comfortable and durable mattresses may relieve the back pain. Back sleepers are those who put their bodies straight and back to the mattresses for a fast asleep. Back pain among the people may happen due to various reasons in which the wrong sleeping position, physical injury, muscle strain or bone fracture are more famous.

When you have any of these reasons and as a result of it you are experiencing the back pain, then you have to step out for shopping a best mattress to relieve your back pain . This is a reliable brand that will reduce the back pain initially and then it will also overcome and recover the body from ache. When you are going to buy required and unbiased mattress for pain relief motive, then you should do much search for right product. Secondly, you have to go through all specs, features and material of a mattress which you are interested to buy.


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Tonya - 10.12.2016

thank you for post. my friend is a veteran and he has surgery on his neck. he has a air bed. I’m shopping for him to get a new bed. he lives in a motor home. it gets hot. we live in northern Ca. the air bed has popped up into one big bubble on one corner and I find it hard to sleep with two persons on it. would loft, pocket maybe 8″ or height or more, I was going with gel latex. before I buy, what’s your opinion on a height, style and sweat dust resistant mattress. until I seen your video we were looking for a firm bed.

    Michael - 17.12.2016

    That’s really a difficult question for me to answer. In all fairness that best thing you can do is get on the bed and try it out. Every mattress is going to be different for each individual. I would feel horrible making a recommendation if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Mary - 14.12.2016

foam mattresses are horrible i bought one 2 years ago had it for a few months and brought it back to the store and replaced it with a high coil count mattress.the foam is just a trend and will end up wearing out.the coils will last longer.i have back problems and still do but my mattrerss is comfortable just got it almost 2 years ago.

Ronda - 17.12.2016

What do you think about body pillows? I don’t sleep on them I just hug them I’m a side, and back sleeper.

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