Best Type of Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Are you looking for best mattress for lower back pain? You don't know what is best type of mattress for lower back pain? You came right place. In today's post we are going to show you what type of mattress is best for your lower back pain. Let's get started.

 Mattress for Lower Back Pain

​Right Time to Buy a Fit Mattress?

​Back pain occurs when someone sleeps straight at back or have some physical injuries in muscles, bones or tissues. In these circumstances, you will feel pain and strain in your back and at that time you should arrange for a supportive mattress that may relieve you from such injuries.

Basically, there are many recommended and very supportive mattresses for the back sleepers, but all of you must be careful in choosing a right brand and buying it for your back pain reduction. Customers should confirm few very essential factors prior to buy the mattress for back pain relief

​What is the best mattress for lower back pain? How to choose a best mattress for lower back pain?

​A best mattress will be one that will support your every sleeping position, especially in back pain situation. You have to follow right instructions and guidelines associated with how to choose and buy a best mattress for the relief of back pain.

In these days, most people take a try when they are in some shops to buy the back pain relieving mattresses made of various material and latest technologies. You should keep in mind the following major factors when placing your order for mattresses that support you in back pain


Mattress Support

Really a right and ideal mattress will support your back when you are suffering from some injuries or back pain. In these days, most customers rely upon the support of mattresses for back sleepers. In general the support means that how much the mattress structure keeps the body of sleepers in a well position and reduce the fatigue soon. This quality is very essential to be viewed and confirmed prior to buy the mattress for back sleepers


Comfortability to back muscles

The next compulsory factor to be confirmed is the check of comfortability that refers how well the selected mattress conforms the body of sleepers and molds the muscles softly. A mattress that is lake in comforts will not be the ideal brand for your back pain. You must rely upon the companies and manufacturers that give comfort guaranty to customers on their advance mattresses. Secondly, you must try these mattresses physically to judge the comfortability.


Appropriate Firmness

Firmness of a mattress is the last factor which you should check and confirm. The factor firmness refers to the stiffness and structural sustainability. Firmness will be of three types; low, medium and high. You should prefer the medium stiffness that will also be ideal in the back pain. When you have read about these aspects deeply, then you should step forward to choose the best mattress for back sleepers from a vast stock

Best type of mattress for lower back pain reviews

​1. Memory Foam Mattress

​These are very popular mattresses with excellent structure, superb quality material, long lasting lifetime, comforts guaranteed and a warranty of 25 years. These mattresses are also available in multiple layers and up to 11 to 13 inch thick. You can choose these brands for your back pain reduction.

memory foam mattress for lower back pain

​best memory foam mattress for lower back pain. Image via

Actually, these have springs that distribute the body weight and pressure in various points and as a result of it the sleepers will never feel any fatigue even they are sleeping in same position for whole night. These Memory foam mattresses are made by superb material with greater compression ability that sustains the actual structure. Definitely, for back pain reduction or complete recovery you must select this mattress with extraordinary features and health benefits.

​2. Latex Mattress for Back Pain

​Latex mattress is the second extremely well known mattress that is extremely useful for those who have some problem or pain in the back. You can use these mattresses in various firmness levels, but the medium firmness will be a good choice for pain relief. If you have some serious injuries or backbone problems, then you must use lower firmness mattress to recover from the ache.

Latex Mattress for lower back Pain

latex mattress for lower back pain. Image via

Latex mattresses carry many features, specs and motivating benefits. You have to select this mattress after going through your needs and sleeping requirements. You will get at least 20 years warranty on these mattresses.

​How to Buy the Best Mattress for back pain relief video:


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Daniel - 14.12.2016

i like a good firm bed i wake up 6 hours later straight out of bed feeling refreshed. On a soft bed does the opposite it makes me feel sluggish and batterd and feel half asleep for hours after waking up.

Brian - 14.12.2016

Got back pain??
when you lie on your mattress either on your side or your back, your hips sink lowest because it’s heaviest part of your body. This zone needs to be firmest in your mattress, to properly support the extra weight of your torso.
my latex mattress was $4200, it is only comfortable because of THIS SOLUTION:
find the MATTRESS GENIE on youtube and purchase one.
do not place it at the head of your bed, instead use it as adjustable lumbar!
place it directly under the hip/lower back area, lie on your mattress and begin inflating, you will notice an immediate improvement once you adjust it properly. (you may need to slide it a bit forward or backward to find the correct placement

Bertha A. Titus - 15.12.2016

I had a tempurpedic. Less than one year in and i was sleeping on my mattress from when i was a teen, set up in the basement because i couldnt get comfortable and was waking in pain. We had to replace it and just have a regular, run of the mill Sealy (i think!) mattress now. We also had a sleep number bed before that, and it fell apart in no time flat.

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