Casper Mattress Queen Review

The Casper Mattress Queen is one of the best mattresses which designed for all type of sleepers. This authentic mattress was introduced in 2014, and the popularity of this sleeping surface has made Casper into a formidable opponent to America's mattress monopolies. By uniting a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam, the company created a sleep surface that beautifully outlines while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature.

When looking the sleep patterns, we can see that most of the people are side sleepers or back sleepers. Since this is the situation, availability of mattress that can support stomach sleepers are bit difficult. This void is being filled by Casper mattress Queen and hence it is known as the best stomach sleepers mattress.

Casper Mattress Queen

Now let us find out what are specifications and highlighted features of Casper Mattress Queen and why it is considered as the good mattress for stomach sleepers.

​Products' Specifications

​The Casper Mattress Queen is a combination of springy latex and high-density memory foam. It's unparallel sleep surface contours to your body and keeps you cool through the night. The Casper Mattress Queen is 60" wide and 80" long, making it ideal for couples and palatial for an individual. It fits best in a master bedroom, roughly 10 x 10 square feet

​Important Features of Casper Mattress Queen

Casper Mattress Queen

Spring Latex and High-Density Memory Foams: In the Casper Mattress Queen, springy latex and high-density memory foam come together to create one perfect sleep surface. The Casper Mattress Queen is having three layers of foams which make it a perfect mattress for everyone. They are Open Cell Latex Foam, Responsive Memory Foam and Durable Base Support Foam.

Each of the foam layers has its own unique characteristics. The Open Cell Latex Foam layer keeps you cool and gives right bounce. The Responsive Memory Foam is made of high-density memory foam and offers great responsive support under the latex foam. The third layer, Durable Base Support Foam is of 6.5" thickness and provides durable, long-lasting support to the mattress.

​Most interesting features

​One of the interesting characteristics of the Casper Mattress Queen is that it is a perfect mattress for stomach sleepers. Since it is made of springy latex and high-density memory foams; the mattress gives adequate support for the stomach sleepers. Also, unlike other mattresses, the foam in the Casper mattress does not give a smell, since the company does not use the solvent-based adhesives associated with strong odors

Who need it most and when?

​It is very much true that there are more back sleepers than stomach sleepers. So, obviously, the mattress specifications created to meet the basic requirements of black sleepers. Back sleepers can be relatively easy to go with any other surfaces that can give them comfortable sleep. But people with stomach sleep patterns should have a mattress that can also accommodate the very specific demand for stomach sleepers. So the mattress for stomach sleepers is essential for people who are habituated with stomach sleeping.

Why mattress for stomach sleepers is important?

​To answer this question, we need to understand the mechanics of sleeping on the stomach. You can't just fall asleep in any position on your belly. The reason is that you need to breathe. If you just lie down on your stomach with facing downwards, you may not be able to relax because of the lack of oxygen.

You would have to either turn your head to the side or bend your neck so that you would be resting on your forehead. In either case, your neck is really stressed as it is.

This is what makes stomach sleepers special. And this is the reason, why it is so hard to find a mattress for stomach sleepers.

Pressure points like kneecaps, ribs of many of the stomach sleepers are generally not accustomed to pressure. For that reason, their necks would need all the support they can get and Casper mattress Queen provides the necessary support.

An absolutely medium mattress would not work for a stomach sleeper. There comes the requirement of a mattress for stomach sleepers, and the Casper Mattress Queen is the perfect option.

Since this Casper Mattress Queen is hybrid memory foam innerspring mattress, this mattress is a perfect option for pregnant women also.

​Pros and Cons of Casper Mattress Queen

What We Like:

  • This mattress provides edge support
  • It avoids Motion transfer elimination
  • This mattress Comes with a box springIt gives pressure relief and cool sleeping
  • This mattress conforms to body’s outlines
  • Memory foam evenly distributes the body weight
  • It relieves painful pressure points

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comparatively higher price is a disadvantage of Casper Mattress Queen.

​Guide about Setup - Install

​It is very easy to set up the Casper Mattress Queen, and it is incredibly comfortable also.

The Casper mattress arrives in a big cardboard box, which is much easier to get into the bedroom than a traditional mattress. A machine in the company’s factories (all in the USA) folds the mattress down into the box.

When you open the box, you can see a cloth bag which contains instructions on how to open it, a letter opener to rip the plastic and a sweet handwritten note. You can do the installation yourself, and it is that easy.

Cut the box and held the box at a 45-degree angle, the mattress will come out. Then cut the mattress free from its felt binding using the letter opener. The mattress will spread out gradually by itself by absorbing the air and get flattened. After that cut through the plastic and the mattress will jump to life. In seconds, it will be ready for sleeping.


​The mattress adhered to the engineering technology meeting Goldilocks standard, which is the “just right” feature, for people who are looking mattress for stomach sleepers. The Goldilocks standard stands for the benchmark quality of moderate features.

The mattress is strong enough to meet the rough and tough bedroom activities, superb bouncy surface and wonderful memory foam experience. The plus point, it can satisfy the expectations of all type of sleepers.

If you’re a stomach sleeper and would like to know more about Casper Mattress Queen and shipping details 

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