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We are back with yet another gift ideas list. Home décor gifts are the best idea when you want to make someone’s gift be a reflection of their personality. Surf this list to find a gift for every occasion and a little something that suits your needs and likes

1. 5 O'Clock Wall Clock MoMA Exclusive

This witty yet capricious designer clock from the celebrated designer Tibor Kalman features just one number – 5. It represents the hour which most of us look forward to, 5pm, the end of work and beginning of leisure time! This quartz clock makes the perfect gift for someone you know who can’t wait for the clock to strike 5!​

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2. Society6 Sloane – Gold Throw Pillow Indoor Cover

An abstract colorful pillow cover is exactly what one needs to brighten up their indoors, and that is what you get with this stylish one from Society6. The freshness of various minty colors and hues will definitely walk the talk and happy customer reviews are proof enough for it. The cover comes with a double sided print and has a covered zipper for easiness

3. Natural Sliced Dyed Agate Coaster, Setof 4

Coasters are vital for the safety and longevity of your furniture and these beautiful ones add a charming compliment to your table settings. These Agate coasters are available in a pack of 4 and are natural sliced dyed. They are also available in more colors and come with a rubber bumper too

4. Eames Style Armchair Natural Wood Legs Eiffel Dining Room Chair

Simple seating was never so classy and chic. This Eames style chair will stand as a perfect addition to your living room, dining room or lounge. It boasts of naturally sturdy wooden legs, a polished matte plastic seat with UV protection and delicate armrests that are available in a variety of bright colors. Great quality and comfort at a very affordable price.

5. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser + Sounwill Ultrasonic Aroma Cool Mist Humidifier Air Purifier

The gift of pure, natural air is brought to you by Sounwill with their ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. The humidifier has a sleek, wooden exterior and comes with an automatic timer. You could choose from a range of colors and make it even more apt for your study or massage room by adding a few drops of aromatic oils

6. Boombot REX Wireless Ultraportable Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

Buy this friendly and reliable boombot Bluetooth speaker which stands true to its name and is truly ultraportable. It can withstand rain and snow and thus can be eaily carried anywhere due to its weatherproof nature. Choose your favorite colored Boombotix and have audios at the push of a button.

7. Multi Kitchen Tool

This 8-in-1 multi-utility kitchen tool is one-of-its-kind and can help you in 8 ways by acting as a juicer, strainer, grater and much more. The tool is shaped as a wine bottle and can be used with all your favorite kitchen ingredients. Japanese quality is promised with this one!

8. Innovative Technology Bluetooth Turntable, Turquoise

Do you love antiques but can’t imagine to love without Bluetooth speakers? Well, here’s the perfect home décor product for you, one that combines your love for retro with your love for techno. This turquoise colored Bluetooth turntable can play your favorite vinyl records while also playing your favorite tunes from a Bluetooth device.

9.  Fred CHEESE DEGREES Bamboo Cutting Board

The cheese degrees cutting board is the perfect tool for all perfection thirsty chefs out there. The very accurate scale and degree markings on this chopping board can help you get your cuts and angles right whether you are aiming for a Batonnet or a Chiffonade. It’s the perfect gift for the chef in you or your chef friend

10. House Shaped Key Holder

Your house keys should be guarded with all your might and that is why we have the perfect little house for your keys where they will surely stay safe and out of trouble. You can get it fixed at a convenient nook in your home and always have your keys just a little house away

11. Tvingen Polyester Shower Curtain

Order this IKEA polyester shower curtain today and add some quirk and fun to your relaxing shower minutes. The curtain is non-toxic and free of chlorine and has water repellant coating on it to make sure the water sticks to you and not this cute and pretty affordable curtain

12. Whitbread Wilkinson Pantone Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like to start their day with coffee! Turn this preference into a reality and habit with this gorgeous coffee maker from Whitbread Wilkinson. It is available in 4 different colors and can be used on gas top or electric supply. With this unique and polished Italian designed coffee maker, you are just 4 minutes away from that steaming espresso.

13. Soft Modern Side Table

Add an artistic edge to your living room corner with this versatile and stylish side table from Sauder. The white and beige combination will suit almost every household interior and the laminated top of the table with an ashen finish will definitely add charm to your room’s corner

14. Spectrum Diversified Hand Bookends, Large, Black

Who says you need a special book case when you have these cute bookends to hold all your favorite books with resilience and care! The bookends are made from steel and are coated black for a richer feel and texture. It is the perfect gift for a bibliophile which will surely add an attractive edge to even the most boring of books.

15. Plumen Drop Cap Pendant Set, Copper

Charming details make this tailor-made drop-cap pendant set for the light bulbs at your place to cover them up beautifully. It sure adds a pleasant feel and look to those ordinary lamp holders and lights up the nooks and corners of your place at a very affordable price

16. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Available in 3 colors, this table lamp can be installed in one’s bedroom, study room or office for better focus and lightening. It is a classic piece of home décor where wood meets wrought iron giving the lamp a flexible yet sturdy feel

17. Umbra Hub Ladder, Black/Natural

This half black and half natural expandable ladder made out of ashwood and rubber coating is anything but a ladder. This home décor piece is a genius design for a towel hanger and can be fit into any space no matter how large or small. This product is sleek and contemporary and is a must buy!

18. Umbra Grassy Organizer, Avocado

The perfect gift for your most disorganized family member or friend is here! Meet the Umbra grassy organizer that will keep care of their brushes, stationary, and any other useful equipment which are almost always carelessly lying around. This product is great for office and/or bathroom usage and is very easy to clean as well.

19. Taylor Precision Products Bamboo Electronic Scale

Make keeping track of your weight fashionable with this natural bamboo weigh scale. It can carry up to 400 pounds of weight and the digital LCD display is easy to read. There is no battery drainage with this one all thanks to its automatic on and off feature. This weighing scale is perfect for all those fitness and weight-conscious people you know

20. Umbra Tubo Acrylic Organizer

Another multi-purpose organizer from the house of Umbra with 7 different openings is perfect for storing and stalking up on all your favorite cosmetics and dainty brushes. This is a unique bath collection from Capello bathware which delivers a casual and modern touch to your bath and cosmetic products

21. Umbra Strum Wall Shelf, Copper

A contemporary copper shelf that is sleek, stylish and multi-purpose, this shelf is built especially to hold your books, magazines, wallet and so much more. Hook it over that wall you can’t think of a good design for and beautifully organize your room and office space.

22. RCA WP2UWR USB WallPlate

There is always a need for chargers and power supplies and we get you just that in a very contemporary and stylish design from RCA. This USB wall plate charger is best for turning your regular plug in AC power sockets into USB charging points. Gift this to someone who in always on the go and in a constant need of charging their iPods, phones, etc.

Hope this list was helpful! Stay tuned for more!

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KIRA - 22.02.2017

I get completely overwhelmed when it comes to decorating. I have ALL these ideas, but then I want to implement them ASAP. Problem is that I’m not always sure how or I don’t always have the money to spend to do it all exactly the way I want. Thanks for all the resources. I’m sure it will help!

John Carston s - 10.03.2017

I’ve been looking for ideas on how I can decorate the rather drab walls of my home. It seems like there are a lot of great home decor ideas here that I’ll be able to use. I especially like the idea for decorating with plants; I think this will be a great way to add life and color to my home. Thanks for the helpful advice

Kyle - 12.03.2017

I’m all about decorating with plants! There are so many different types of plants that can jazz up a room that takes little effort to maintain. Plants also have the added benefit of cleaning up your air and giving your home a fresh feeling

Phil Zendia - 20.03.2017

I must say you have very interesting content here.

Atelier Bois - 26.03.2017

Hello, I’d like to know your prices for order.
Please, send me them by mail
[email protected]

    Michael - 01.04.2017

    Thanks Atelier. You can check the price on our website

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