Home Life Harmony Sleep Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Reviews

​Introduction about Home Life Harmony Sleep Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress

​A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone. And a good mattress may make or break it for you. In today’s world of health consciousness, trends suggest that people prefer a good old fashioned firm mattress. Studies show that firmer mattresses provide greater support to the skeletal structure, thus preventing bed sores and bad sleeping posture while providing deeper, undisturbed sleep. Let’s take a look at one such product by Home Life Harmony Sleep 8″ Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress

home life harmony sleep 8

​Product Specifications

  • The product dimensions are 54 x 8 x 75 inches
  • The Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress weighs a total of 35 pounds.

​Features of home life harmony sleep pocket spring luxury

  • The most interesting feature of the Home Line Harmony is its independent and superbly pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils, designed for maximum comfort. It comes with high-quality foam and polyester layering between the cover and coils for that optimal comfort that you so crave.
  • The most fabulous feature of the mattress, however, is the 480 tempered steel independent encased coils. This feature ensures maximum comfort and keeps your body aligned perfectly for a good night’s sleep.
  • Another advantage of the independently-encased coil structure is that it reduces motion disturbance thereby extending the life of the springs indefinitely. The mattress is ideal for any standard or full bed frame. The company got full marks for the packaging as it is ideal and done keeping the customers in mind.

​Who needs home life harmony sleep 8" pocket spring luxury mattress most?

​The mattress is specially designed to keep your vertebra supported. For all those who need a mattress to support them sleep in a neutral position, this mattress is ideal. It helps maintain the correct curvature of your spine while keeping your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head in proper alignment.

It comes with 480 tempered steel independent encased coils which are designed to create an equal weight distribution. This equal weight distribution helps relieve any pressure points on your neck, shoulders, back and hips. The mattress is ideal for people with posture issues, prolonged back pain, shoulder pain, and sleep apnea.

​Advantage of Home Life Harmony Sleep Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress

​The mattress is designed by keeping the customer in minds. It provides for comfort with maximum health benefits

What We Like:

  • The independently encased coils ensure an equal weight distribution thereby aligning your back and ensuring a deeper rest and superior comfort.
  • The packaging is brilliant and user-friendly.
  • The product is moderately priced and ensures value for money.
  • The company provides for a high-quality mattress for stomach sleepers at less than half the price of a big brand mattress.

​Disadvantages of home life harmony sleep pocket spring luxury

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This mattress is designed for people who require a firm and stable mattress if you’re looking for a super soft and fluffy mattress for stomach sleepers this might not be up your alley
  • Those looking for medically prescribed orthopedic mattress this model might barely make the cut as it does not come with any such specific certifications.

​Guide about Setup and Installation

​The mattress is compressed and rolled for convenient shipping and ease of use.The mattress comes in a super sealed air tight bag. All you have to do is just drag it to your bed, cut it open and voila, it inflates into its original form within no time. Keep the ventilations open for some time and let the synthetic smell get diluted.


​The Home Life Harmony Sleep 8″ Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress, Full, White product hits all the right spots. It’s well balanced as it is rightly priced, delivers high quality, lasts long and most off all, is at your doorstep as quickly as you order it. The efficient packaging adds to the products pros. All in all, this product caters to all the demands of the modern day consumer and unlike its contemporaries, is affordably priced.

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Gretta - 02.12.2016

The critical reviews of this mattress say it’s too hard. I like firm mattresses but they make it sound uncomfortable. What’s been your experience with it?

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