How often should you replace your mattress?

"How often should you replace your mattress" is frequently asked question and today we are going to give you answer on this question. Let’s  get started!

​Changing a mattress depends upon the reasons and comfort requirements which the old mattresses mostly do not meet over time. When you see some problems with the look, durability, shape and comfortability of the mattresses you are using, then you should go for an appropriate and on time replacement of the mattress

how often should you replace your mattress

​Why you need to change your Mattress

​There are many casual, common and specific reasons that advise people to replace their mattresses if they want sleeping well and staying fit. Today, it is very easy to evaluate the causes that motivate everyone to change the mattress and some of these are

​1. It Does Not Support Your Sleeping Style

​If you are a side sleeper and feel that your mattress does not aid your sleeping style anymore, then properly it is required to replace it. Today, most of the mattresses are selected and purchased according to sleeping styles. So, you should prefer a mattress that suits your sleeping position

​2. It Seems Extremely Firmed and Stiffed

When the spring containing mattresses are used for side sleeping, then these give greater firmness which the children, young girls and women do not tolerate. So, they always feel back, hip and neck pain by sleeping on such firmed and stiffed mattresses. In such situations, a right and softer mattress may solve your problem

3. Look of the Mattress is Lumping

When there are some lumps in the mattresses and these are not restoring actual shape, then you should understand that it will not work anymore. Lumps always happen when the springs become loosen, weaker or broken inside the mattress layers

4. Severe Fatigue during Sleep

Suppose you have no problem with your mattress except the fatigue during sleep, then this will be grave than all other reasons. When you work hard and get tired, then you need the comforts and sound sleep to restore your energy in next morning. But, firmed and harder mattresses will never let you restore your energy. So, it is a time to replace the mattress within which you are not comfortable

5. Neck, Back and Joint Pain

People should also reconsider the performance, ability and working of their mattresses in case of having various pains, injuries and spine issues. These all are due to extreme firmness of the mattresses. So, you should avoid using harder mattresses that may suffer you back, shoulder, neck, hip and joint aches pain

How often should you replace your mattress?

​Now, you have to look at when to replace the mattress. Some of major causes and right circumstances have been mentioned below that suggest you to replace the mattress

  • 1. No Comforts by Sleeping: Sleeping is a special tenure for everyone to take rest, relieve body strain and recover lost energy. But, if you do not sleep well and get comforts accordingly your expectations, then you will stay lazy, harsh and disturbed all the day. In such situations, you have to decide for a good and sleep supportive mattress
  • 2. There are Lumps: When numbers of lumps on your mattress top are more, then this will be not fit for idea comforts. So, you should promptly search for the best and more comfortable mattresses with ideal firmness
  • 3. Imbalanced Surface and Top: Balance of the mattress at top will get disturbed or changed when springs are damaged or broken. You will never feel right firmness and usefulness of the mattress after this situation. Now, you have to go for buying a new mattress with maximum features and health benefits
  • 4. It is Growing Old: Definitely, women and men mostly replace the mattresses on beds when they grow older over time. In such circumstances they always hunt for best quality mattresses that may suit their beds and their sleeping positions rightly

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