15 of the top rated back pain relief products that have been proven to work

​If you are experiencing back pain, then you have come to the right page. With thousands of products that claim to treat back pain, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the one that suits you. We will come to your rescue by listing the top 15 products for back pain relief. All these products have been tested and proven to work by consumers. The products may be very different from each other but all aim at back pain relief

Table Of Products For Back Pain Relief 2017

1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

Back Pain Medication

Doing upside down exercises can be a good relief for sciatica, painful joints/disks and lower back bone. Inversion tables provide you with the surface to turn yourself upside down gently. This position decompresses your spine, relaxes tense muscles, rejuvenates discs, reduces nerve pressure and builds core strength

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table is the most popular product in this category. With ergonomic ankle holding clamps, this table ensures comfort. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight at 5 different angle locking positions

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A great alternative is the BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt with Dual Adjustable Straps and Breathable Mesh Panels

​The Teeter Inversion Table is also popular with its acupressure nodes adding to the back pain relieving properties

2. TRUE BACK a Non powered Orthopedic Traction Device

Back Pain Medication

Stretching muscles and the spine helps in decompression and gaining of muscle elasticity. Back traction devices can help you achieve this. A back traction device works on the same principle of an inversion table. By lying on it, your spines is supported in the correct posture and stretched in opposite directions, taking the tension off your back.

A good example of such a product is the True Back Orthopedic Traction device. Regular use will enhance circulation, the correct posture, flexibility, better sleep and back pain relief

Back Pain Medication

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 3. Mueller 64179 Adjustable Back Brace

Back Pain Medication

Heavy movement and weight on a broken or injured spine is likely going to aggravate your injury. This is where braces and belts come to your rescue. By providing external support to the spine, braces limit movement encourage healing. These products are encouraged for patients that need postural support, those that are immobilized, symptom control and injury protection

The Mueller 64179 Adjustable Back Brace with Removable Pad is a top seller in this department. Complete with removable cushions and a stainless steel along the spine, this back brace provides excellent support for your lumbar region and lower back

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4. Light Stim for Pain

Pain, stiffness and body aches are no longer restricted to those advanced in age. With lifestyle changes people of all ages and from all walks of life are now using this revolutionary pain relief product. Light Stim has come up with a way to utilize LED light therapy to temporarily reduce muscle inflammation, joint pain and pains associated with wounds and bruises.

The Light Stim wand accelerates the healing process and enables the body to get rid of stiffness and soreness. Even patients with arthritis can experience relief and alleviation from pain through this product. It is a non-invasive method and is highly recommended and administered by medical practitioners. The MultiWave Technology combines red and infrared light spectrums to help you win over any and every form of pain.

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5. Sunbeam 002013-912-000 King Size Xpress Heat Heating Pad

Back Pain Medication

Heat therapy has been around for centuries. It is well known that heat works better than ice in relieving pain. While ice prevents the inflammation, heat will open up the circulation and prevent from fluid accumulating. Warmth is also excellent for the healing process of cells due to increased oxygen levels and easing of stiff muscles. This makes heat therapy a good back pain relief method in the long run.

A highly rated heat pad that you can use for back pain relief is the Sunbeam XpressHeat heating pad. This electric heat pad lets you customize the perfect temperature and off timers via an LCD display.

Within 30 seconds, you can start feeling the effect, lasting over 2 hours without cooling down like water pouch heat therapy does. Just place it on your back, and turn it on to begin the therapy. Head over to amazon for further details

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6. Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Back Pain Medication

It has long been believed and proven that acupressure works in pain relief. Acupressure relies on the soothing of pressure points to ease pain. Your body has several pressure points that are bound to tense up in case of pain, trauma or overworking. By stimulating these pressure points, the muscles ease up allowing you to be restful and letting your body heal

The Nayoya acupressure mat has a total of over 8,000 heads that press against your pressure points. This increases blood flow to knots and sore muscles. The endorphin hormones are also released due to the relaxed state, giving you calm and happy feeling. All you need to do is lie on it. The mat earns extra points because the relaxation helps you achieve deep sleep

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7. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Standard Size

Back Pain Medication

A bad sleeping habit is one of the common causes of back pain. This could result from a pinched nerve or nerves originating from the neck. Since your neck is most vulnerable to a bad spine alignment, investing in a back and neck pillow will go a long way in relieving your back pain.

Sleep innovations make some of the best back pillows. The sleep innovations contour memory pillow will certainly not disappoint you. With its superior support and comfort, it will relieve pain and boost the healing process. The proper spine alignment the pillow enforces will ensure that your pain does not recur

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8. ComforPedic from Beautyrest Enlightened Days Luxury Plush Memory Foam Mattress Set

Back Pain Medication

Poor spine alignment is the leading cause of back pain. Choosing a mattress from a myriad of manufacturers that claim their mattress can relieve back pain and give you a pain free morning, can be tough. It is quite a process as choosing the right back pillow, but if you manage to get a good mattress, you will notice better sleeping periods and more importantly, you will wake up without any aches in the morning

The ComforPedic Memory Foam is perfectly engineered to encourage the correct alignment of the spine. Offering comfort, support and pressure point relief, this mattress will give you a restful sleep and pain free mornings. It will also aid in the correct healing of the back in case of any injuries

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If you are a stomch sleeper check this guide to get the  best mattress for stomach sleepers

9. Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum & Hips with Gary Kraftsow

Back Pain Medication

Regular exercise can prevent back complication. It can also accelerate your healing process and relieve pain. Chiropractors encourage regular exercise to help build bone mass and muscles. Astronauts experience bone deterioration and muscle wasting because of lack of exercise and use of their limbs. Exercise DVDs can be very helpful in doing your exercises right. You need to ask your physician which exercises are suited for your back condition before trying them out

Yoga is a very popular stretching exercise. They decompress your spine, encourage circulation and ease tense muscles and nerves. This helps in pain relief and boosts your healing process. The Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum & Hips with Gary Kraftsow, has been very helpful for many people with back pain. This DVD will start you off at a good point for your back pain relief process

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10. HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit Electronic Pulse Massager Tennis Elbow

Back Pain Medication

A very common source of back pain is cramped muscles and twisted nerves on the neck and back area. They become very painful when they are moved. Massaging will always restore the elasticity and alignment of muscles and nerves. People usually visit spas for such kind of treatment, but it is very easy for you to do this at home with simple instruments

A very good home massage gadget is the HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit Electronic Pulse Massager. Apart from massaging muscles and nerves, this device is useable for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Back pain, Bursitis, and other Inflammations. The device uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) via electrodes for muscle and nerve pain relief.

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11. Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

Back Pain Medication

If you want to know all there is about back pain, and even the lost ancient techniques for curing back pain, then literature is the best place to go. You are also likely to get all causes of back pain and how to heal them. There are several books available, including herbs and concoctions books and even cook books for a pain relieving diet

In his bestselling book, Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, John E. Sarno claims that back pain can be a psychological issue brought on by stress and other factors. It focuses on Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) as a source of back pain and how you can use the mind’s effort to repress pain without drugs or surgeries. There is a lot we don’t know, and books can be important in your road to back pain recovery.

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12. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair

Back Pain Medication

The correct back posture is very important in relieving back pain, the correct healing of the spine and preventing such issues from recurring. If you spend a lot of time sitting in the office, a bad chair can be very detrimental to your health and can cause you back pain out of the blues or worsen your injuries. This is where ergonomics come in. Ergonomic chairs improve and encourage your natural posture to prevent back injuries and strains

The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair is one such chair. It encourages the natural S-curve of the spin and promotes healing and pain relief. You can adjust the height and angle of tilt for comfort. A lumbar support, arm support and head support add to the chairs ergonomics. You can work for several hours on this chair without feeling strain and tired

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13. Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion for Back Pain Relief and Sciatica

Back Pain Medication

If you lack an ergonomic chair, or you want to sit on your sofa, or car chair, you might need cushions and pillows. Coccyx injuries can be very painful when you sit, hence you will need a cushion for this. Lower back or lumbar region injuries may need a back cushion to enhance your posture and encourage circulation and the correct healing

The Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion is a great cushion for coccyx and lower back injuries. A groove for the coccyx ensures that your injury is not aggravated by relieving pressure from the coccyx, tailbone and hip bones. This promotes your healing and pain relief.

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14. Posture Pump 2000- Low Back Elliptical Rocker

Back Pain Medication

By rocking your spine up and down, you provide exercise for the backbone. This will encourage circulation, joint lubrication and nutrition, reinforce the natural shape of the spine and relieve back stiffness and pain

The Posture Pump 2000 - Low Back Elliptical Rocker is specially engineered to achieve all the above. You simply need to lie on it and pump air in and out. This rocks your spine and helps in pain relief from stiff muscles and a compressed spine

Back Pain Medication

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15. Penetrex Pain Relief Medication [2 Oz]

Back Pain Medication

If you have back pain, the first thing you will think of is a form of medication to tackle the pain. This can be in form of tablets, syrups, gels or special formulations that are absorbed through the skin.

One such type of medication is the Penetrex Pain Relief medication. Penetrex has been patented for arthritis, back pain, sciatica, sore muscles and joint pain among others. It is however, encouraged for inflammation related pain and injuries.

This medication uses a formula that is massaged over the area that is causing you pain. It is then absorbed through the skin and gives you an almost instant pain relief. This FDA approved medication will get you back on your feet with an immediate, lasting and healing relief.

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16. Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel for Arthritis, 32 oz

Back Pain Medication

Sprays and gels are the best way to target the pain directly. This eliminates the side effects of drugs. They are also easy to administer, and their strong concentration provides an instant relief.

Biofreeze provides such a solution by providing massage gels, sprays and roll-ons as different ways of application of their fast acting formula. Biofreeze soothes the muscles and nerves with a cooling effect, therefore allowing you to move around.

This helps in your healing process. It is recommended that you use Biofreeze after or before therapy or after exercising.

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​How to choose the best mattresses for back pain?

​Sleeping in the incorrect mattress may cause or get worse lower back pain. The absence of support from the mattress reemphasizes bad sleeping posture, pressures muscles and also will not assist to maintain the spine in alignment, all of these play a role in back pain. In this regard, this is a paramount question that how to choose the best mattress for back pain.

​When selecting the mattress for back pain, you will find a couple of items to bear in mind. ​If the mattress is firm adequate to support your lower back in case, you might be the back-sleeper while becoming soft sufficient to contour for your entire body. In truth, too-stiff mattresses often press to the spine while too-soft beds do not provide plenty of help. The medium-firm mattress is perfect for this kind of sleeper.

How to choose the best mattress for back pain

​For side sleepers, the mattress with slight softness is essential to pillow the shoulders and also hips. Stomach sleepers (who most likely sleep this fashion as a result of back pain) require a firmer mattress to maintain all of them afloat.

​The majority of sleepers often sleep having a mixture of these designs, resulting in lots of movement in the bed. The best memory foam mattresses, which have higher motion isolation, while nevertheless becoming firm and also variously soft (based on the type) are perfect for the sleepers.

​With the huge number of mattresses in the market, seeking the right bed could be hard. The following useful tips are created to assist affected individuals with back pain select the best mattress for back pain and also sleep comfort and ease:


One Individual choice needs to figure eventually out what bed is most excellent. There is certainly no bed design or kind which functions for all persons with back pain. Any mattress that will help somebody sleep without having pain and even stiffness may be the best bed for the individual. Sufferers with back pain need to select the mattress which suits their standards for comfort and also support and then enables all of them to have an excellent night’s sleep.


Get the mattress with back support. A great bed ought to give support for your natural curves and also alignment from the spine. The appropriate quantity of back support additionally assists the affected person to stay away from muscle soreness in the morning. While there are not a lot of clinical data regarding mattresses, research discovered that medium-firm mattresses supply much more back pain treatment compared to firm mattresses


Understand, when it is a period, to obtain the entirely new bed. In case, a classic mattress sags noticeably in the center or is, not any much longer comfortable; it is most likely time for you to buy the new one. Placing boards below the sagging mattress to maintain this through sagging in the center are just the short term repair for your sagging; the new bed continues to be required.

​TOP 2 best mattress for your back pain reviews

​If you are afflicted by back pain only for your mattress, you can read these review. It will help you a lot

1. Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set


  • 98 percent described pain alleviation
  • 96 percent described rest
  • 94 percent described enhanced sleep
  • 81 percent described a good improvement in energy level

What We Like:

  • It can help reduce coccyx tailbone pain through sitting down many hours.
  • It offers 6,210 acupressure factors for instant back pain alleviation.
  • Instant back and even neck pain relief, sciatica and then coccyx treatment.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You can, however, you will not completely help by using it in case, it is on the mattress just because this performs much better on the flat surface.

​Detailed Product Description

​The study in the advantages of acupressure mats had been completed through Doctor. Zilberter in Hillsborough, North Carolina, subsequent outcomes had been described through the participants; 98 percent described pain alleviation, 96 percent described rest, 94 percent described enhanced sleep, and also 81 percent expressed an excellent improvement in energy level.

It gives pain relief through lower, mid, and upper back pain and then necks pain if mild or chronic; Fibromyalgia and also Sciatic nerve pain alleviation; eliminates the stiff neck and also decreases shoulder pain.

​2. Sleep Master Memory Foam 13 Inch Memory Foam Mattresses with Double Layer Airflow Foam, Full

What We Like:

  • Support layers of 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Basis Support Foam.
  • The most recent advancement of memory foam, BioFoam, replaces a few of the conventional petroleum with natural plant oil to keep the mattress refreshing.
  • Just the Top quality of Foam — Foam is CertiPUR-US Authorized for sturdiness, overall performance, and also content

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is by no means the high quality “memory foam” mattress that needs to include a minimum 4″-5″ of good quality memory foam

​Product Detailed Description

​Take advantage of the cold comfort and also memory foam support from the Sleep Master Memory Foam. It is 13 Inch Mattress through Zinus, innovators in comfort and ease advancement. This mattress gives conforming comfort with foam layers that mold to the traditional design of the entire body. Fresh support from the Airflow High-density Foam basis layers offers very long lasting sturdiness and even balance.

Sleep Master Memory Foam 13 Inch Mattress gives the ideal stability of support and then comfort and ease to make sure that you have the relaxing night of sleep. You should open your mattress bundle in 72 hours of receipt and also allow for 48 hours for the whole new bed to come back to the original, luxurious design. Worries free Ten-year limited warranty.


​Although all the products we have listed have been proved by thousands of consumers to work, you must always remember that back pain is not something that you should take lightly. If you make a wrong move, it might cost you your whole life. We therefore advise that you always seek the advice of an expert like a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. This way, you will be making informed decisions that will also reduce your recovery time

If you have a lower back pain. Please read this article for more information

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Luke Yancey - 21.11.2016

Because I sit most of the time at work, I have begun to develop a terrible tailbone pain. Thank you for mentioning the Nayona mattress. My chiropractor said that a new mattress might help out and because the Nayona is perfect at targeting the area that hurts, I might give it a shot!

Janna Jamieson - 25.11.2016

I generally have a problem of lower back pain. I thought sleeping on the floor would reduce it, but it never helped. While searching measures to cure lower back pain, I found your article. It was really helpful. I could realize that one of the reasons for my back pain would be usage of wrong mattress. I have bought this new mattress and fortunately my back problem has reduced to level that I can move around and sleep relaxed at night. Thank you for the help!
Thank you
Janna Jamieson

Jenna - 02.12.2016

I had always slept on cheap divans until 2014 when my mattress wore so bad I could not sleep beyond 4 am with severe back pain. I got a memory foam topper, and for a few months it was great then the pain returned. I thought the topper had gotten soft, so I decided to buy a full orthopedic mem foam mattress…big mistake. Have been in pain for a year. I am ok till around 4 am then my mid back aches & is so sore until I get up & then I am pain-free all day. I have recently been on a computerised comfort zone in a bed shop and was shocked to see that my pressure points were bad on a firm (5) & (4) but eased up on a soft (1) & (2) I have decided to go for a pillow sprung with mem foam topping on a (2) & hoping this helps…thoughts appreciated…thanks

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