How to Cleaning Your Side Sleeper Mattress

Side sleeping is a very useful and health supportive sleeping position which the most women and men adopt to stay fit and free of body strain. However, the mattresses for side sleepers are also little specific and different from casual Memory Foams or mattresses. So, being a special sleeping item, the side sleeper mattress would be little complicated to be cleaned and maintained their neatness. In general, most people try to have a machine wash for their mattresses regardless the type, ability and usefulness of this cleaning methods. Actually, you have to adopt and follow only recommended, 100% precise, better and useful cleaning methods rather than casual cleanse techniques.

How to Cleaning Your  Mattress

​Specific Mattress & Particular Cleaning Way

​Cleaning of a product depends upon its quality, washable features, manufacturing and sustainability. Suppose you are going to wash or clean the mattress, then you first confirm its structure, quality and other specs prior to do a machine or hand wash. Actually, side sleeping mattresses are totally different from casual mattresses used in homes. So, you must adopt the best cleanse methods for the mattresses used by side sleepers. Secondly, all of you must go through those cleaning ideas that are secure, 100% effective and as per requirements. Some of these methods have been shared in following.

​1. General Care and Protection

​These are general protection methods which the people should adopt in routine life. First of all, you have to buy the mattresses with great care and secondly you have to prevent all kinds of contaminations from topper and bottom of these mattresses. This prevention can be made perfect by wrapping the mattress in a plastic cover and then high quality fabric covers or simple the bed sheets. When the prevention and protection of these mattresses are good enough, then surely the mattresses will never catch dust and marks soon

​2. Vacuum Pressure

​This one is a famous cleanse method that includes a high pressure vacuum pump to clean the mattresses. Usually, many people buy their own vacuum pumps or small machines to cleanse the mattresses for side sleepers. In general, when you use a vacuum pressure to clean the mattress, then it will only remove the dust and other light particles. But, the deep marks and blemishes would never be removed completely. But, for regular cleaning of the mattresses this would be an effective and cost less method.

​3. Spot Cleanse

​It is a manual cleaning method that involves human efforts and planning to remove the marks by a targeting process. You have to discover the marks on topper as well as deeper in the mattresses and then use some washing detergents and other solutions to cleanse these marks.

However, for the deeper marks you must use some machines, blemish removers and other dilute chemicals for deep cleaning. But, all of these chemicals must be in dilute form and free of toxic elements that have dense odor.

​4. Deodorize

​When you feel your mattresses grow older over time, then it will have some odor that will also become irritating for the humans. Secondly, the odor is initial stage of infections and other health complications. At that time you must choose some products or gear to reduce the odor immediately and then remove completely.

Deodorize is the right process that will help everyone to get rid of severe and irritating smell from the deeper layers of mattresses. You can use baking soda and some good fragrances to prepare the right solutions for reducing odor

​5. Machine Wash

​Although machine wash is the best cleanse method ever, but it is not appropriate and recommended for every kind of mattress. When you need a cleaning method for side sleeping mattresses, then you must read specs for confirming whether you can do a machine wash or not. This is compulsory for you to be aware of prior to use this cleaning method

​6. Conventional Cleaning Methods

​This is the sum of many cleaning methods that are little traditional and old fashioned, however most of them are used as the prevention measures. Most women apply these conventional cleaning method to side sleeping mattresses at the top. If they do this regularly in routine life, then they will never feel any odor or mark on these mattresses.


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Jennifer McBride - 05.07.2016

Great tips! baking soda definitely works wonders! have you tried lysol and lemon? it does a great job deodorizing the mattress

    Michael - 08.07.2016

    Thank jenifer! I will try it latter

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