Latex or Spring Mattress Which is better?

Latex and spring mattresses have been in production for a long time ago. First of all, both of mattress types should be defined well, so that all of you can easily construct a major difference between a latex and spring mattress. Precise definitions of both sleeping brands are

Latex or Spring Mattress

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress is the sleeping brand that is made of pure and natural latex for 100% exceptional comforts and body support during the sleep. This mattress is considered better, more reliable and useful for all kinds of sleeping positions. These items are noise free, thicker and everlasting warranted. Furthermore, a latex mattress will contain almost 80% to 96% pure as well as natural latex with awesome compression, softness and body support features.

Spring Mattress

A spring mattress is a sleeping brand that has steel coils in the mid of mattress layers that support the body weight of sleepers and create maximum bouncing effects. This mattress is a well known physical remedy for all those sleepers who have severe pain and body strain. This type of mattress was first time invented and used in 19th century and since then it has been earning mass reputation in the world. These mattresses are available in a variety of types as well as various firmness levels

​Merits and Demerits of Latex Mattresses

​Latex mattress has many qualities and health benefits for sleepers. These sleeping brands are extremely supportive to tired and strained bodies. Some leading merits of latex mattress are

Latex Mattresses


  • Comfort is the leading benefit of this industry leading mattress that 100% suits to every sleeping position. Secondly, the comfort of this mattress is completely supportive for pain reduction and prevention. That is why; this has become a universally well known mattress type with approved certification and countless other advantages for customers
  • Durability is the factor that arrests attention of new and old customers who are going to buy some health friendly mattress. In general, latex mattress has been composed with natural and pure latex that leads to a marvelous and mass durable brand. This biodegradable mattress will be stable in its durability for long lasting period
  • No Smell is a key advantage of latex mattress, because this brand does not produce any irritating smell. You will have no need to use any chemical to reduce or overcome the bad smell.
  • Zero Disturbance will keep you well in your sleeping. This quality always meets sleeping requirements and satisfaction. Motion isolation quality motivates the people to buy it and praise it in routine life. You will never experience any disturbance when your partner will roll over the mattress or toss during the night
  • ​Customizability feature is the one that meets needs of all customers. You can buy only the latex mattresses which you think more suitable and supportive for your sleeping tenure.Healthy mattresses are purchased and utilized more than casual foam mattresses. In these days, medical science has approved and given a high standard performance certificate to latex mattress that is 100% healthy for people of all ages. It also aids physically to sleepers to get rid of the pain and body stress.
  • Environment Friendly mattress may suit your bedroom greatly. You should check out the quality of environment friendly of these mattresses that play a vital role to sustain climate of your home as well as interior parts. Almost all the ingredients of this mattress are environment safely and zero side effect to human health


  • Firmness has been a serious drawback associated with latex mattress for all sleeping positions. In general, most customers report this issue, because they feel fatigue soon when they sleep on such mattress. This problem may happen when the amount of pure and natural latex in manufacturing of the mattress is disturbed by companies
  • Compression is another issue which the companies always receive along with consumer’s feedback. Yes, this drawback is not much frequent, but it exists in most of the latex mattresses that generally have less amount of natural or pure latex. So, this issue in latex mattress can be rectified and overcome by changing composition of the material within which latex mattress is manufactured
  • ​Heat is another factor that affects the decisions of customers inversely. Although this issue is not a big one, but most people feel it greatly irritating and they always hunt for the latex mattresses that give proper guaranty of zero heat during the night sleep
  • Price of latex mattress is greater than memory foam and spring mattresses. That is why; most customers having average income and low budget to buy the mattress will change their buying decision right after checking price tag of latex mattress.
  • Weight is a big problem for customers. Latex mattress is heavier than rest of the mattress types which the people prefer to buy for their sound and healthy sleep. Sure, when latex amount is increased in manufacturing this brand, then it will become heavier

​Merits and Demerits of Spring Mattresses

​Although spring mattresses are better and more comfortable with long lasting durability, but still these brands have many of disadvantages as well as the advantages

Spring Mattresses


  • Spring mattresses are long lasting, more durable and low-priced than latex brands.
  • Multiple firmness levels; low, medium and high
  • Springs of the mattress totally support human body and pressure points.
  • These are also well known for pressure distribution and marvelous comforts.
  • High quality and dual side useable


  • Spring mattress will lose the body support over time.
  • Spring mattress is not an ideal product for back sleepers, as it does not support the body much as per expectations.
  • In the beginning, spring mattress will be harder and more firm that would never let body take proper rest and as a result of it the human body will experience a fatigue that might be severe and continuous.
  • It may also have smell and chemicals would be needed to overcome this irritation odor.

​Who Need to Buy a Spring Mattress

​After going through properties and demerits of spring mattresses, it is clear to all of us that spring mattress will be better and supportive for side sleepers. Secondly, when you demand for the long lasting durable in mattresses, then sure spring brands will be better. Thirdly, when you have some back and other body injuries, then you should purchase spring mattresses with low or medium firmness.

​Who Need to Buy Latex Mattress?

​Latex mattress is made of pure and natural latex that is supportive to human body. This mattress is also known as the all-rounder with excellent features and health benefits. Although price of latex mattress is greater than rest of the brands, but the health benefits of this product are also maximum. Latex mattress will be a reasonable product for all sleeping positions. This brand will definitely prevent the body strain and severe fatigue, however many people use it as the pain relief remedy


​A long discussion over spring and latex mattresses comes to an end with some positive and negative aspects associated with both of these products. However, spring and latex mattresses both are industry leading and are being massively purchased for sound sleep and pain free rest. But, the latex mattress having at least 80% natural latex will be an ideal brand for everyone regardless which sleeping position he or she likes to sleep.

Finally, these mattresses have some negative aspects or disadvantages for the users, but every buyer should pay much attention on the benefits than drawbacks. People following various sleeping positions should buy a mattress according to their sleeping style and generic requirements.


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