Best mattresses for side sleepers with bad back and back pain

It is said that sleep well means to live healthy. Sure, there are many types of aches and muscle disturbance in the body that can easily treated with a comfortable sleeping position on an ideal bed or mattress. Surely, the back pain can occur due to many of factors that belong to some actions as well as sudden movements during the sleep or at work.

mattresses for side sleepers with back pain

However, when you feel that your back is not good, then you should never put severe pressure to your back, because this will suffer you from some kind of back ache. Most people in the world like side sleeping style, because they already have some serious pain in their back. So, this sleeping position will not be a perfect solution for people to get rid of back pain

​What is Back Pain and Major Causes of This Ache?

​Back pain is a type of injury that may happen due to several reasons and causes. Usually, this pain may happen due to some muscle and tissue problems in which the back injury is much common. Some famous and common causes of back pain are

  • Continuous slouching in chairs
  • Longer bending
  • Sudden bending with jerks
  • Backbone fractures and injuriesLong term twisting
  • Overstretching
  • Hunched position in driving and longer sitting
  • Lifting heavier objects
  • Continuous stress on back
  • Overusing the tissues and muscles in exercises etc.

​Relationship in Side Sleepers, Back Pain and Right Mattress

​Many people choose side sleeping style due to the severe pain in their back. That is why; they avoid sleeping at back or straight. However, there are many solutions to relieve such pain in back. First of all, the right mattress can be useful to relieve the back pain. Secondly, sleeping on spring, latex and memory foam mattresses can give some useful outcomes to those who experience back pain. In fact, there is a close relationship in ideal mattress, side sleepers and the back pain.

​Highly recommended mattresses for side sleeper with back pain

​Side sleepers always pay much attention over the type of mattresses and quality too. In fact, the good quality and recommended mattress can play a key role to relieve back pain. Usually, the inner spring mattresses with latex top and thicker width can heal back injuries and distribute the body pressure in various points. Some of the mattress for side sleepers with back problems are

​1. Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Queen Size Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

​This is a 12-inch mattress with a 3 layer construction. 1.5 inches of gel foam provides the mattress with the ability to accept your body shape and conform to your contours. You get a perfectly and naturally aligned spine even when you are sleeping on your side. Another 2.5 inches of memory foam provides comfort and support. This two layers work together to ensure body weight is evenly distributed along your side, relieving pressure points, and putting less pressure on your spine. 8 inches of premium base foam provide orthopedic support for your back.

​The gel provides cooling and encourages blood supply. You therefore don’t get cramped muscles and hot spots in the morning. This also means you do not get to toss and turn, a factor that will aggravate back pain

​Consumers are amazed by the comfort of this mattress and how much it has cleared their back pain by encouraging the correct posture

​2. Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress

Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress - Queen

​Made of 100% natural latex and hundreds of fabric-enclosed coils, this mattress offers a medium firmness feel that is ideal for all side sleepers. Latex forms the top layer, creating buoyant support that immediately cradles you as soon as you lie on it. Long-lasting fabric-enclosed coils will give you great support and relieves pressure points. Each coil has been specially has been specially calibrated to ensure the perfect support, comfort and softness is delivered to different pressure points.

​The latex and coil springs work together to ensure the correct spinal alignment by balancing your weight along your side. Blood supply to the nerves is encouraged by the correct posture and by eliminating pressure points.

​According to reviews online, side sleepers have ranked this mattress among the best for back pain relief. Their years of experience with the mattress indicates that this mattress has provided them with restful nights and mornings free of back aches

​3. Classic Brands 14 Inch Gramercy Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

3.	Classic Brands 14 Inch Gramercy Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

​The comfortable Gramercy Hybrid comes with the support of wrapped innerspring coils and the cradling comfort of gel memory foam. The top layer, one inch of gel infused memory foam, disperses heat and conforms to your body contours. This ensures comfort while sleeping on your side.

The next 5” consists of 3 layers of traditional memory foam and comfort form that provides support and pressure relieving properties. 8 inches of steel coils works together with the top layers to respond to your body weight ensuring that your spine is aligned in its natural position at an extraordinary comfort

​With a good sleeping posture, less tossing and turning, cooling and great comfort, you get peaceful sleeping without back pains

​If you need a mattress to take away your back pains while offering superior comfort, online consumers have reported that this is the mattress of choice. Side sleepers have praised this bed for its good response and natural posture encouragement.

​Bottom line

​If you are a side sleeper looking to eliminate back pains, choose a mattress with medium firmness. If you feel that your bed is creating a space at your abdomen, or makes your abdomen bend in downwards, then the mattress might be too firm. This will only increase your back pain due to poor spinal posture.

Medium-firm mattresses have been proven to be ideal for side sleeping. If you combine this with well-constructed innerspring/coil mattresses, you will get the perfect support and great spinal alignment. The springs also distribute body weight perfectly. Don’t forget that gel and latex give the best cradling and comfort

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