Best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain

Side sleepers are specified to sleep on left and right sides, but it is said that humans can never sleep in a specific position, because they always continue changing sleeping styles in the night and it is well to say that everyone uses a combination of various sleeping styles throughout a sleeping tenure.

Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain

But, the side sleepers always put their arms straight or mostly in curved shapes behind their head. This make the tissues, joints and muscles harder and fatigue. As a result of it, most of side sleepers will experience pain in their arms and then they will own shoulder ache that will be complex over the time. A right mattress and recommended sleeping style can both play a vital role to kill shoulder pain without applying any medicine.

​What is shoulder pain and the causes?

​Shoulder pain indicates an ache that originates from the mid or top of shoulder and in the start it will be slow, but with passage of time it will be more critical and terrifying. This pain might be of various types and can cause by several conditions like

  • Broken collarbone or arm
  • Instable shoulder
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Acromioclavicular joint problem
  • Rotator cuff sickness and disorder etc

​Relation Exists Among Shoulder Pain, Side Sleepers & Mattress

Most people like the side sleeping style, because they feel much comforts in sleeping this position. Secondly, this is a great sleeping style for everyone to get rid of severe shoulder pain if you choose a right mattress that definitely addresses shoulder pain and relieving methods. In fact, there is a direct relationship among the side sleepers, shoulder pain and the mattress.

​That is why the people always experience shoulder pain who sleep in both sides, while if they choose a recommended mattress to support this style, then obviously they will kill shoulder pain easily. Softness, firmness and material of a mattress will surely matter to keep the shoulder pain free.

​Recommended Mattress for Shoulder Pain

​It has been said that when you feel some pain in your specific body parts like shoulder, neck, hip, knee, lower back and backbone, then definitely you should test a new mattress that may support you well and reduce aches in body. Here, some very useful and good mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain have been enlisted.

​1. Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam

Brentwood Home 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam

​This Brentwood mattress offers a medium firmness feel. This is the ideal firmness for side sleepers. A mattress that is too hard will make your head hang down or a space is left between your hips and shoulders thus putting a lot of pressure at your shoulders. The mattress is neither too soft such that the rest of your body sinks in leaving an uneven body weight distribution

​A 2.5” layer of memory foam infused with gel responds to your body contours and weight. This provides support, align your body to its natural posture and eliminates pressure points at your shoulders. The infused gel, in conjunction with an air ventilated layer provides cooling and prevents hot spots at your shoulders and hips that would otherwise create pain and tossing during the night. This also encourages blood flow to avoid cramping at pressure points like your shoulders if you are a side sleeper

​Online consumers insist that this mattress is very comfortable at such a great price. Those seeking a mattress to eliminate pains will not be disappointed with this purchase

​2. Ultimate Dreams Latex

Ultimate Dreams Latex

​Manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding, this mattress has 3” of Talalay Latex foam known to instantly conform to your body contours. This gives you orthopedic support. The Latex also acts as a pressure point reliever. The gentle support provided by the latex foam will reduce pressure points that will otherwise will shut off blood supply thus creating pain.

This takes a lot of pressure off your shoulder which in turn gives you a comfortable night. You do not need to toss and turn in order to wake up without shoulder pains. A plus side to this mattress is that it encourages the natural alignment of your spine. This in turn keeps the correct posture for comfortable side sleeping

​The great part about this mattress is that you can choose a custom comfort based on firmness. You will therefore find the perfect comfort you need, but if you don’t, the manufacturer is more than happy to welcome your suggestion

​Consumers online have reported this mattress to have solved their pain issues and given them peaceful, comfortable and refreshing sleeping at such a great price value

​3. Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam

​Gel foam is a technology that continues to gain popularity for its comfort and pressure relief properties. This mattress incorporates the gel technology into a four layer construction for perfect support and comfort. 3” of Gel beads have been infused into premium memory foam to provide cradle and relief of pressure points.

For side sleepers, this means that their shoulders will have support and comfort. The elimination of pressure points and the massaging and cooling effect of the gel encourages blood flow, therefore you don’t need to toss and turn trying to be comfortable. It also means that you won’t wake up with cramped shoulders that leads to a painful experience

​A 5" high density foam provides ultimate support base. This allows for a natural body posture while you sleep on your side. The end result is a peaceful night and a pain-free reenergized morning. Consumers online haven’t failed to mention how comfortable this Dynasty mattress is. Some with chronic pains have reported peaceful night and painless mornings

​Bottom line

​Sleeping on your side means that your shoulders act as a pressure point. A good portion of your body weight will be on your shoulders. However, if you choose the right mattress, body weight will be distributed evenly along your side.

A firm mattress will put too much pressure on your shoulders, while too soft a mattress will compress too much at the pressure points. Choose a mattress that accepts your body contours, distributes your body weight and one with a medium firmness for effective shoulder pain relief. Gel and latex mattresses are a good pick for your situation.

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