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When you start listing the most revolutionary bedding companies, I bet Simmons Bedding Company will top everyone’s list. Since 1870, this bedding company has helped humanity sleep better. Simmons has seen three centuries in which it has pioneered several technologies in the bedding department. With almost a century and a half of experience, Simmons now delivers nothing short of the best. Its products have become synonymous with quality, state of the art beddings technologies and durability.

​When Simmons introduced the pocketed coils in 1925, the Beautyrest mattresses were born. This technology was fused with memory foam to give rise to the hybrid mattresses. Now their major brands, Beautyrest (Beautyrest Recharge, Beautyrest Black) and Beautysleep, continue to make record sales worldwide.

​So, what makes Simmons the best? What is in the Simmons mattresses that everyone talks about? In this article, we have picked the most popular mattresses based on Simmons Mattress reviews online. We will tell you why you should buy a Simmons mattress the next time you go shopping.

​The Best Simmons Mattresses

​1. Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Full Size Classic Plush Pillow Top Mattress and Box Spring Set

​Dimensions: 75x54x12 inches at 145 pounds

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Full Size Classic Plush Pillow Top Mattress and Boxspring Set

​This is a Beautyrest Plush pocketed coil Pillow-Top Mattress that has been infused with gel to give you comfort and support. The pocket coil springs use an 800 density technology to provide motion isolation while adapting to the contours of your body. This technology will support you back and make sure that you spine is aligned correctly while you sleep. Besides waking up without back pains, this also means that you will not have to wake up from tossing and turning.

​If your partner turns a lot in bed, or decides to move during the night, this mattress will isolate and absorb his/her motion. You won’t feel a thing on your side; giving you the peaceful sleep you deserve.

​The pillow top is covered in a luxurious, durable knitted fabric. The cover encloses a half an inch of GelTouch, 1” of AirCool foam and AirCool memory foam. The GelTouch cradles you and works together with AirCool to allow airflow thus creating the perfect sleeping temperature. Ventilated foam encased in a mesh also helps in temperature regulation

​2 extra inches of PurFoam on the pillow top creates a luxurious feel that lacks in a non-pillow top mattress

​This mattress comes in Box Spring (bed frames bought separately). Handles on the mattress are available to help in the adjustment of the bed

​Over 90% of consumers reported back with how comfortable this mattress is; the great motion isolation, cool non-sweaty nights, the durability and their wish that they had bought it earlier. For a peaceful, recharging sleep and refreshing morning, this is the mattress for you

​2. Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Pillow Top Mattress – Queen

​Dimensions: 80x60x13.5 inches at 93 pounds

Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Pillow Top Mattress – Queen

​This mattress would be categorized as of medium firmness. For support and comfort a pocketed spring system has been used. The pocketed springs also make it friendly for use with adjustable bases. The 800 Series Beautyrest Pocketed Coils offer you the correct back support, ensuring that your spine is correctly aligned and injuries and aches are eliminated

​One and a quarter inches of AirFeel Foam, 1” of AirCool Foam and a Surface Cool Fiber quilted top will maximize airflow hence giving you an evenly distributed and perfectly regulated sleeping temperature

​A 2” layer of GelTouch Foam and half an inch of Energy Foam pad the top layer of the pillow top. The gel cradles you, giving you the sensation that you are sleeping in your bed and not on it. The Energy Foam provides extra comfort, eliminating painful pressure points that would cause you to turn and toss

​For durability, Simmons has added an encasement of BeautyEdge foam that surrounds the mattress. This also creates a good sitting edge and maximizes the sleeping area without creating a falling-over-the-edges sensation.

​Over 93% of consumers have written reviews on how comfortable this mattress is. A good number indicate that they no longer wake up with back pains, despite the history of this condition. The mattress has offered hot sleepers cool nights and the plushy pillow top takes the cake for everyone

​If you are looking for a mattress with a strong support but yet, a soft, plush feel, then get yourself this pillow top mattress

​3. Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Firm Mattress Set Queen

​Dimensions: 80x60x10 inches at 110 pounds

Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Firm Mattress Set Queen

​This mattress comes with a box spring. With a count of 1000 coils, the 800 density coil system provides maximum support for your back. An extra stiff base adds to the firmness, support and longevity. A triton foundation, along with Energy Foam, provides durability for this mattress

​Surface cool fiber, a layer of AirFeel Foam and a double layer of AirCool Foam have been used to encourage airflow and create a cool sleeping temperature in collaboration with a 0.5 inch GelTouch upholstery layer

​A plush stretch knit cover overlays a layer of PurFoam and FR fiber to create a luxurious feel that most firm mattresses lack. The whole mattress is enclosed in ventilated BeautyEdge technology edges that allow you to sit and maximize the sleeping area without a falling-off-the-edges feeling

​A great deal of the consumers cannot stop marvelling at the price of this mattress. For a small price, they got a very comfortable mattress with very restful nights. The motion isolation is perfect and the sleeping temperature is great. A substantial number of consumers with back pains reported that they no longer have aches in the morning

​If you love a firm mattress with a luxurious feel, this is the mattress for you

​What else before you Buy your Simmons Mattress?

​Over 95% of consumers have written positive Simmons Mattress reviews. Less than 1% complained of the mattress being too firm. However, Simmons has a solution for this. To get a more comfortable and softer mattress, you do not need to throw out your current mattress; just get yourself a Simmons Mattress Topper and your nights will change forever. You can also get yourself the Simmons Air Mattress and adjust the firmness as you wish.

​Simmons offers up to 10 years of warranty for new mattresses, therefore your satisfaction is always guaranteed.Now that you know of the best Simmons mattresses, head out and make a purchase. Do not deny yourself the good night sleep that you deserve

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