Tuft And Needle, Queen mattress for stomach sleepers

Introduction about tuft and needle mattress reviews

tuft and needle mattress

​In a healthy body rests a healthy mind. One of the major factors that affect our minds is healthy sleep. Giving your mind adequate rest is important. Therefore proper sleep is crucial for our physical as well as mental health. A revolutionary product has been introduced in the market called memory foam to enhance the quality of sleep. Let’s take a look at one of such product tuft & needle mattress Queen

​Specifications of Tuft And Needle Queen mattress

​Tuft and Needle, Queen, is a new mattress company that designs a universally comfortable foam mattress. It is exclusively available online and made in the USA and the mattress ships right to your door. The new Queen sized mattress by Tuft & Needle weighs a total of 70 pounds. The dimensions of model are 60 x 80 x 10 inches and are an ideal mattress for stomach sleepers

​Features of the Tuft And Needle Queen

  • ​The Tuft and Needle, Queen size mattress comes with pressure relief as good as memory foam
  • It adapts to the body weight, distributing it across a large area to create that float-like sleep
  • The company brags about developing customized foam, based purely on customer feedback
  • The custom foam is crafted right for unparallel comfort and support
  • The mattress even comes with localized bounce – to help with your nightly adventures!
  • The cover is made of polyester and rayon, dual-core memory foam with a fabric cover

​Best benefit and the most interesting feature

​It is made from layered high-density polyurethane foam which is one of the outstanding features of Tuft and Needle, Queen mattress. Its cover is a 50/50 blend of high-quality rayon and polyester performance fabric. The mattresses do not release any chemicals (i.e. off-gassing), and the company does not use any chemical flame retardants. Also, the fire barrier is a rayon cellulose fiber blended with fine-grained sand and a small amount of polyester which, in combination, are inherently fire resistant. The products have been tested and verified by an accredited lab to comply fully with flammability standards.

​Tuft And Needle mattress reviews

​Who needs tuft & needle mattress most?

Every individual who embraces sleep needs to purchase this item. The Tuft and Needle, Queen mattresses come with customized foam which is designed to give you that good night sleep you so crave. The company uses polyurethane i.e. memory foam which is a high-density synthetic blend, designed for comfortable sleep.It absorbs your body heat and molds in accordance with your body pressure. It is highly recommended for people who are disabled or tend to develop body sores or ulcers. It also makes for an ideal mattress for stomach sleepers.

Tuft And Needle, Queen mattress for stomach sleepers reviews

What We Like:

  • Ideal mattress for stomach sleepers
  • Custom made foam guarantees a good night’s sleep
  • The polyurethane blend distributes weight equally• Localized bounce
  • Dual core memory foam with mattress cover
  • Easy packaging
  • Fire resistant
  • Excellent customer care service

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not ideal for people already accustomed to spring mattresses
  • Not ideal for people who need special orthopedic beds
  • May witness uneven firmness in certain mattress

​Guide about Setup – Installation

​The mattress comes with a high powered vacuum seal pouch. After taking it out of the box, cut open the plastic wrap. It takes very little time to inflate to its normal size by itself. It fits easily into any standard sized bed. It also advised creating good ventilation so that synthetic smell can fade off after some time.


​The Tuft and Needle, Queen Mattress is another fine addition to their brilliant range of products. You will have an uninterrupted good quality sleep. Thanks for the revolutionary product used for manufacturing the mattress. The polyurethane blend used by the company has been carefully developed to provide its customer with the comfiest mattresses ever. The Tuft and Needle brand has a brilliant track record and is quick to tend to all the queries of its customer. With ten years warranty, it is certainly the best mattress for stomach sleepers.


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ReynaMullawi - 24.11.2016

I am looking for a bed because I have fibromialgia and we have owned an expensive slep number and I sold it and now several cheaper beds my husband is fed up and refuses to by another bed so it has to be the right one. he sleeps hot I can at times any suggestions I have alot of back pain and hip and shoulders

Jean - 08.12.2016

I have a slat bed, and am thinking of getting this mattress.. is it necessary to put the plywood underneath?

Frank - 09.12.2016

Great review. You helped me solve my bed foundation problem. My slats are 4 1/2 wide and been looking to buy another foundation but the slats on there are also 4-5 wide. I will defiantly go with the plywood as I see it gives better support. My mattress came yesterday and ready to sleep on it

    Michael - 17.12.2016

    I was concerned about that as well, i like the metal frames and I’ve seen a mattress shop that puts a bed sham looking thing over it so I wonder if that helps. I wonder if there is a company that makes something so we all don’t have to get ply wood for our beds

    Michael - 17.12.2016

    Placing plywood (1/2″ thick) beneath the mattress offers better weight distribution, and will increase the lifespan of the mattress. In other words, you’re transferring your body weight over more surface area, at the bottom of the mattress, which reduces the pressure on the foam. : )

Evelyn Serrell - 23.12.2016

I have chronic back pain and i bought a mattress from [email protected] mattress and i have had it for maybe a little over a year or so and i get pressure points and i have been trying to get it replaced but there ridiculous they have some guys inspect it witch is a joke taking a string and laying it across the bed and measuring how much its sink in is just beyond ridiculous I hate my bed

    Michael - 24.12.2016

    i still get pain in my lower back sometimes now but i don’t think its the mattress, i think i have anterior pelvic tilt. but i still like the mattress! My wife put a topper on her side of the bed to make it more soft for her.

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